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HRL Clip-on Bun/ Top Knot


Hair Rehab London’s Clip-on Bun can be worn as a classic neat bun, a Top Knot or even Double Space Buns. The design allows for a secure and comfortable fit, made from their true to life, realistic faux hair fibre.


  • Pull your own hair into a ponytail to your desired height.
  • Take your Clip On Bun and open up the drawstring and loosen the bun so it can fit over your ponytail.
  • Twist your ponytail to a smaller bun and conceal this within the Clip on Bun by pushing the three pronged clips either side of the inside netting into either side of your own ponytail base (Under the hairband) and then whilst using one hand to keep this in place, use the other hand to pull on the drawstring until its tight.
  • Once in place just tuck the drawstring inside of the bun netting.
  • Feel free to use your fingers or a brush to style as desired and you may find a few additional kirby grips help to make it feel extra secure and also help with the styling.

Colour match service

email a picture of your hair to and we will recommend the shade most suitable!


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Beige, Black, Blondette, Burgundy, Chesnut, Chocolate, Cocoa, Dark / honey brunette ombre, Mid/light blonde ombre, Midnight, Natural, Platinum, Sandy, Toffee, Vanilla Beach


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